NASA officials have briefed the

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NASA officials have briefed the White House on a “major” Mars announcement to be made at a press conference next week. Discovery.com reports that NASA may have found water, but we know that really they’re going to announce the Phobos slamming into Earth thing.

Are weblogs getting boring? My

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Are weblogs getting boring? My take on the question compares weblogging tools to bread machines. BTW: I use Blogger, but all my bread is made by hand.

When I came home from

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Flattened GardenWhen I came home from rehearsal last night, it was nearly dark. Fog had rolled in, making the countryside faintly glow with what light was left. Lightning bugs and lightning flickered in every direction. The yard was full of branches and leaves, some large and some small. The ground was soggy, the air was heavy. It was clear that I’d just missed one of nature’s more violent displays. I went to the garden, and what I saw was awesome. It was flat. Where six foot tall plants were that morning, there was a jumble of mis-shapened greenery. The picture to the left is what I took this morning of the amaranth, quinoa, and corn. I don’t think the damage is permanent, but I’ll know more when I get home tonight.

Last night, the Athens-Clarke county

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Last night, the Athens-Clarke county commission unanimously passed the first-ever mandatory water restrictions in county history. It’s going to be a long, dry summer.

Why are we moved by

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Why are we moved by stories? Tales of things that never happened told by people we’ve never met? A new comic by Lynda Barry.