Lightning and I go way

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Lightning and I go way back. I’m not exactly a lightning rod, but I’ve seen it up close more times than I ought to have. I was struck late in high school and somehow emerged unhurt, without even a burn or scar or anything to show for it. It knocked me flat and damaged the area around me. I was standing in the entrance to a small wooden-framed tent, and the bolt hit me, the tent, and a power pole nearby. Several times I’ve been in buildings that were hit, including one time when I was younger and home alone when a three-pronged bolt hit our house, the electric transformer (killing the power), and a tree (which fell across the phone lines). One summer at college, a freak storm blew in out of the north-east (the opposite direction from usual). As I was running to the student union building, a bolt struck a few yards from me, just around the corner from the building as I reached the door. It wasn’t until later that I found out it struck and killed a man running for the same doors I was. Oddly enough, his wife was at the university doing lightning research.

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