Lightning and I go way

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Lightning and I go way back. I’m not exactly a lightning rod, but I’ve seen it up close more times than I ought to have. I was struck late in high school and somehow emerged unhurt, without even a burn or scar or anything to show for it. It knocked me flat and damaged the area around me. I was standing in the entrance to a small wooden-framed tent, and the bolt hit me, the tent, and a power pole nearby. Several times I’ve been in buildings that were hit, including one time when I was younger and home alone when a three-pronged bolt hit our house, the electric transformer (killing the power), and a tree (which fell across the phone lines). One summer at college, a freak storm blew in out of the north-east (the opposite direction from usual). As I was running to the student union building, a bolt struck a few yards from me, just around the corner from the building as I reached the door. It wasn’t until later that I found out it struck and killed a man running for the same doors I was. Oddly enough, his wife was at the university doing lightning research.

A lightning storm came by

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A lightning storm came by this morning. One bolt struck a tree directly outside my window. I’m told it is (was) “one of the largest American Elms in Georgia”. The power’s been on and off all day, and thus my net connection has been mostly off. By the time the Linux boxes booted up and got everything mounted and running, the power would drop again. I’ve still not got email, and I hear that the servers are going down again, on purpose this time. I’ll try to make up for a lack of writing later.