Despite the objectives of people

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Despite the objectives of people worried it would bring about the end of the universe, the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s new particle accelerator has been running since earlier this month. Just as predicted, the universe hasn’t ended. Or has it? There’s a bunch of writing and pictures on this page, and I didn’t understand a word of it. Maybe I’m just too educated.

A few miles west of

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A few miles west of the small town of Los Lunas, New Mexico (south of Albuquerque, north of Socorro), there is a boulder on a mountainside that may be carved with the world’s oldest surviving inscription of the Ten Commandments. Known as the Los Lunas Decalogue, it’s been dated using various methods to 600 B.C.E. I haven’t found any sites giving a skeptical view, and the evidience itself is fairly convincing. Given the technology of late Phonecian-era ships and the weather/geology of the time, it’s not out of the question for a single ship to find its way to central New Mexico. Of course the rock doesn’t show that there was a mass movement of people or regular back & forth travel. When I lived in the area, there was a “wacko” newpaper out of Hatch (the chile capital of the world) titled The Courier that documented ancient Ogam writing all around the Rio Grande valley and beyond. When I went looking for on-line issues the other day, I discovered that The Courier has folded. That’s too bad, because despite its wackiness, it was a good paper.