Last August, the Dallas Observer

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Last August, the Dallas Observer wrote a nice even-handed story on Romeo Hristov, the Bulgarian archaeology who made waves by publishing an article about a possible terra cotta Roman head found buried in a pre-Columbian tomb in Mexico. Many art historians feel the head is genuine; many archaeologists are rather skeptical. Hristov had a devil of a time even getting to see the head, which was discovered by one of the fathers of modern Mexican archaeology, Jose García Payón, in 1933, and locked away in a museum. “I was looking for the piece two and a half years. It’s not easy to convince to check. But if you persist, bring beer, tell dirty jokes, eventually they start to like you.” Not everyone does, though. One archaeology professor said “I’m actually teaching a course this spring, based on my encounters with Mr. Hristov and others. The title is Fantastic Archaeology.

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