Wayne Newton’s Vicious Dogs Kill

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Wayne Newton’s Vicious Dogs Kill Elderly Census Worker! (You know, I bet I could write headlines for a living.) It’s a terrible story, really. It reminds me of several houses I had to visit as an engineer for the electric cooperative in Socorro. There’s a lot of crazy people living in the mountains that don’t care much for other people. I only had a few guns pulled on me, a few dogs sicced on me (thank you, pepper spray!), and one cannon fired at me. That last one was pretty freaky. I hit a tripwire that was put across the driveway, at ankle height. When I pulled it, a trapdoor in the ground a few feet away flipped open, a small cannon (inch and a half barrel, roughly) popped up and fired. It only had powder in it, I think. A message to leave and soon. I was mighty glad that the howizer dug into the side of a hill beside the home didn’t go off. I guess the tripwire controlling it was closer to the door. A hand-painted plywood sign did warn me that a Vietnam vet with special training in deadly traps lived there, and he’d use deadly force against all intruders. But who pays attention to signs anymore?