I drove home to Athens

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I drove home to Athens from Missouri last night. I’d planned on stopping when I got tired, but I didn’t get tired until I pulled into my driveway at 5 in the morning. Only took 11 1/2 hours, and I didn’t even speed all that much. Not more than 10 mph over the limits. I’ve come to the conclusion that with the new limits everywhere, people are for the most part content. I was passed by only 6 cars the entire journey. Six! In 11 1/2 hours! I thought that was rather interesting. In between CDs, I scanned the AM frequencies for stations from afar. It was mostly all talk, so I’d put in another CD and try again in about an hour. I finally hit paydirt outside of Atlanta when I picked up that late-night-driving classic “Convoy” (Oh, we’ve got a great big convoy, truckin’ through the night. We’ve got a great big convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight. Convoy!). It was a continent-wide program for truckers, being broadcast on a station out of Nashville. The commercials advertised products I’d never knew existed. The weather gave reports for interstates hither and yon. The news dealt with some law being considered in Quebec. There were plenty of truckin’ tunes (yes, lots of Country & Western) and humor. Jokes from Justin Wilson, even. I’ll get around to looking the show up on the Web eventually and post some links. I wished I’d picked it up earlier. One thing I did pick up earlier was a sack of 20 White Castle cheeseburgers. I ate some on the road; the rest are in my freezer. I’m not ashamed.

When did ice cream makers

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When did ice cream makers get so cheap? Did the Department of Justice break up an ice cream maker monopoly when I wasn’t looking? I just brought home a maker that works without ice or salt (an insert gets put in the freezer for several hours before making the ice cream) for only $25 from WalMart (don’t laugh - as I said before, WalMarts the place to go for cheap plastic products, and I needed a salad spinner {don’t laugh - I’ve been eating lots and lots of leafy vegetables from my garden, and I’ve gotten tired of waving the leaves around the kitchen trying to dry them off [don’t laugh - oh, never mind …] } ). The insert’s in the freezer now, and tomorrow the fresh strawberries I picked up will be turned into something mighty tasty.