I have a weakness. Well,

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I have a weakness. Well, several, actually, but here I’m talking about one in particular. Don’t bother laughing. It won’t affect me. I’m not ashamed. I’m proud to admit that I have a weakness for White Castles. Call them what you will — Belly Bombers, Slyders, whatever — I call them mighty tasty. It’s been eleven years since I moved away from the White Castle territory, and in those eleven years I’ve eaten at White Castle maybe eleven times. Down south there’s a burger chain called Krystal that likes to pretend it’s White Castle (complete with long and glorious corporate history, tiny sandwiches, etc.), but it’s not. Not even close. Yeah — sometimes I’ll stop at the Krystal in Athens and do my best to pretend I’m at a White Castle, but that’s right hard to do. The nearest White Castle to Athens is Nashville. Sometimes I think a four hour drive might not be out of the question. They’re easy to find in the freezer at the grocery store, but that’s not the same, either. As it turns out, there’s one here in Clarksville, right down the block from my hotel. Dinner was at least as good as what I’d've found at the steakhouse across the street. Odds are high I’ll be back tonight. I’m not ashamed. A little engorged, yes, but not ashamed.

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