I’m on my way to

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I’m on my way to Missouri. Updates will be intermittent until I return on Tuesday. Right now, I’m sitting in a Holiday Inn in Clarksville, Tennessee. I’m spending two days with a client, building something for the very first time. There’s something mighty satisfying about that — coming into a strange place with people I’ve never met, agree with everyone that what they want is basically impossible, and then make it happen anyway. In four hours today (with plenty of help from the home office), I managed to get to where I wanted to be mid-day tomorrow.

There’s a reunion of the 101st Airborne in town. I think I saw that their motto was “The Last Ones Left Standing”. Something like that. I’d look them up on the web, but my modem connection in the room is very tenuous. The place is swarming with WWII and maybe Korea-era vets and spouses. Lots of tattoos, lots of stories, and already plenty of tears.