Want a cheap way to

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Want a cheap way to get across country, but don’t feel like hitchhiking? How about driving someone else’s car from point A to point B for them? There’s a whole industry in auto moving, and like courier companies, they need travellers. AutoDriveaway seems to be the largest company, with offices all over the country. Popular routes are coast-to-coast and north-south. You pay gas and agree to a route and schedule (a pretty lax schedule, too — only about 400 miles a day), and they give you the car. Sounds OK with me. Of course, it’s only one way, but with some arranging, you might be able to find someone else’s car to drive home.

Don’t seem funny, and it

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Don’t seem funny, and it don’t seem right,
sittin’ on my bed on a Friday night.
It seems the wheatie back penny ought to call you more than that.
Everything’s fine and I can’t complain
except my legs feel funny and I got this pain
like a wheatie back penny stuck inside my brain again…

Words of wisdom from The Ant Farmers. I understand there’s a new album out — maybe with the magic of the internet, I can get a copy way out here in Athens. More Ant Farmers links: a review of their last album, Beautician. I got the very first CD from the very first box opened at their CD release party. Also, a review of a show I attended back in 1997. I can vouch for the zanyness of the drunk dancin’ fellow. Finally, though this has nothing to do with the band The Ant Farmers, a history of the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas. The Cadillac Ranch is a number of cadillacs buried nose-first in the ground. Pretty neat to see, really. It was conceived by members of the San Francisco art collective The Ant Farm.