This week, I’m going to

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This week, I’m going to drive to Missouri to marry my sister!

I love telling people that. They blink once or twice, look at me, and say “Missouri, huh? I wonderered if that was legal anywhere.” Actually, I’m going to use my ministerial forces to marry my sister to her boyfriend. It’ll be mighty nice. Ministerial. Is that a word? Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made up words here, I guess. When Blogger gets a spellchecker going, my posts just won’t be the same…

I’ve got a Town &

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I’ve got a Town & Gown board meeting tonight. It’s nearly election time, and I’m the one in charge of elections. Consequently, I’m giving a presentation to everyone on election procedures. Not being one for normal presentations (the last two I did were given in the forms of a Bob Dylan tune and a series of limerricks), I used the link to the official Chick Tract site provided today by Mike Gunderloy’s LarkFarm weblog to work. After some time at Kinko’s, I’m ready for the meeting.

This weekend I hung a

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This weekend I hung a hammock between two perfectly placed trees in my side yard. This hammock was a gift from my cast & crew of Waiting for Godot (thank you all!), and I put it to good use by reading all of Ursula Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness. It was the first time in a long while that I devoted the time to reading a book from cover to cover in practically one sitting, and this book was worth the time. Le Guin knows how to write a compelling story.