I spent the last two

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I spent the last two nights sitting in the director’s chair auditioning strangers. How strange it was, too. I’ve been to so many auditions now that getting up there and doing cold readings or prepared bits doesn’t even phase me anymore. Recite Mary Had a Little Lamb while pretending I’m a blizzard? No problem. It’s just not stressful or nerve-wracking like it used to be. But this, watching all these people go by, was something new. “Read this,” I’d say, and they’d read it. “Try that,” I’d say, and it was tried. I’ve never had to do this before. This’ll be the fourth play I’ve directed (not counting the years of radio drama), but I was able to hand cast the others. “I’m doing this play. You’d be great for one of the parts. What do you say?” And it was cast. Here, I was bound to have open auditions. Published in the papers and the whole bit. I didn’t know hardly anyone there. And I was nervous. Me! Here I was, giving people two minutes to show me if I could work with them for the next two months or not. Some of them needed more time to show me, so I called them back for more. “Thank you. Next!” A parade of hopefulls, showing me their best. Now it’s cast. The mold is set. Wonderful people were turned away out of necessity. We’ve all got a week and a half now to collect our thoughts, catch our breath, and then it’s seven weeks of rehearsals. Whew!

While flipping channels the other

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While flipping channels the other day (going from the Food Network to The Simpsons, no doubt), I ran across Donutman, Duncan, & the Donut Repair Club. Apparently, life without Jesus is like a doughtnut. Which means life with Jesus is like an apple fritter. Sweet, sweet apple fritter…

“She ruled with an iron

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She ruled with an iron fist and she was a cruel leader, to put it bluntly. She even kicked out her own mother.” And now she’s dead, killed by those she ruled: Mutiny in the Druid Peak Pack.