I bent the mouse trap

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I bent the mouse trap triggers ever so slightly last night, and woke up this morning with two fewer mice in the house. Sigh. I warned them. They can’t say any different. They are the brown field mouse variety. Perhaps they were chased in by the black snake longer than I am that lives in the old well outside my back door. Wherever they come from, they have to understand that they need to find another place to live. There’s a perfectly useful old barn just across the road that will serve them well.

From today’s Chronicle of Higher

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From today’s Chronicle of Higher Education: The Lessons of a Lost Career — How one unsung professor played by the rules, worked hard at the same university for 27 years, and died worrying that he couldn’t pay his bills.

Over the years, I’ve been

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Over the years, I’ve been amazed (and, sometimes, disgusted) by the junk that gets sold as candy. When I was little, candy cigarettes, complete with powdered suger smoke, was pretty facinating. Now, the selection boggles. I’m sure you’ve seen the bins of stuff at the checkout lines — gummy rats, bubblegum cellphones, etc. Thanks to the fine folks at stupid.com, you can get all the stupid candy you want online. The selection ranges from inspired (a labelmaker that prints messages on bubblegum strips), to useful (a swiss-army style kit with lollipop), to tasteless (Chocka Ca-Ca: Chocolate fudge in a diaper). If candy’s not your thing, you might enjoy browsing the stupid gift department.

The last World War Two

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The last World War Two Japanese soldier surrendered in the Philippines in 1980, ending a stream of holdouts. This is their story.

“When we say, ‘It’s the

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“When we say, ‘It’s the Cheese!’, we’re telling a story 200 years in the making. Californians know that only one cheese — Real California Cheese — can claim “It’s The Cheese.” You gotta have a slogan, I guess, but “It’s the Cheese!”??? I don’t know…

Tony Robinson’s cunning plan –

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Tony Robinson’s cunning plan — Baldrick’s on the Labour Party’s National Executive Council. He’s also hosted a BBC archaeology series? I wish I’d seen that. With this election, Tony’s apparantly “chuffed to pieces”. Now where’d I leave my guide to British slang?