Hey! You put your Björk

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Hey! You put your Björk in my Shuttlecocks!
No, you put your Shuttlecocks in my Björk!
<…listens to the MP3 or realaudio…>
Not bad! It’s a quantum physics love song! “If only she’d let me, her love I would hork. Oh Björk, oh Björk, oh Björk!

What with the rash of

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What with the rash of “last page of the internet” things going around, it was nice to see an actual study on web page connectivity. This study, done by researchers from IBM, Compaq, and Altavista, contradicts the study released last year claiming that any two web pages were separated by at most 19 clicks. Among the interesting result: 46% of all the web pages go nowhere (that’s 700 million “last pages of the internet”) and “about 30% of the unique documents on the web are rubbish.” Weblogs seem to fit squarely in what they called the “giant strongly connected component” — the 30% of web pages that are strongly interconnected and most useful for search engine indexing.

England’s Civil Aviation Authority has

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England’s Civil Aviation Authority has again shown that mobile phones ‘a danger to aircraft’, as reported in this BBC story. Effects included triggering false cockpit warnings and malfunctioning of other systems. The story also mentions a man who was sentenced to a year in prison after refusing to turn off his mobile phone. He made no calls, but just having the phone on was danger enough.