As Los Alamos, New Mexico

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As Los Alamos, New Mexico goes up in flames, array - art and applied digital tech news is there. We’ve seen weblog reporting before — from the middle of a hurricane, from the middle of riots, etc — and array’s doing a fine job, too. I went to Los Alamos many times during my eight years in New Mexico, but I didn’t spend much time there. Unlike my friend Marjorie, who worked there a few summers and would likely be there right now had her graduate schooling not taken her to another field entirely. As bill Richardson keeps saying, there’s no risk of the lab’s nuclear materials being released, but who knows what’s been buried or dumped in the area in the last 50 years.

After nine months of me

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After nine months of me looking at the same page day in and day out, I felt it was time for a bit of a redesign. So, here it is. It’s a bit cleaner than the last, and hopefully a bit more aesthetic. I refrained from doing anything fancy to keep it readable on all platforms (especially my new “internet appliance”), so there’s very little besides text here. A few bits of javascript, most notably my weblogs.com “favorites” list on the right sidebar. The design’s been tested on both MSIE 5.5 and Netscape 4.7 on Windows. If any of you LINUX or Mac folks have problems, please let me know. Or, if you think it’s a step backwards, let me know that, too.

Umberto Eco wins Spanish literary

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Umberto Eco wins Spanish literary prize. More praise for one of our finest writers (I’m using the collective “our”, for Eco belongs to the generations, or however that sappy phrase goes). I consider the fact that I’ve yet to read all of his works (actually, any of his works — I’m into The Name of the Rose right now, but just barely) one of my greatest character flaws.

I make my film debut

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I make my film debut tomorrow in the title role of “Thor (Ode to Thee)“, a video to the rock anthem by Athens’ wondergroup The Dictatortots. Except that it’s being filmed entirely on a digital camera, so there’s no film. Maybe I should say it’s my motion picture debut. But then I’d be really pretentious.

I couldn’t find what I

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I couldn’t find what I cooked for dinner tonight in my copy of White Trash Cooking, but I should have. I call it “Mushed Tubers and Tuna Cakes,” and, boy howdy! was it good. If you want recipes, you’ll have to email me. Then you can start making your own cookbook. And I’ll buy it.