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James Gleick, prolific author on technology and sociology, author of the proposal to break up Microsoft I wish the DoJ had used, now writes about Microsoft’s responsibilities for the recent ILoveYou email worm. It’s very anti-Microsoft, yet it was published in Slate, which Microsoft owns. Cheers to Mr. Gleick, jeers to Microsoft, and cheers to, um, Microsoft. Just for the record, I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 beta (though I have the latest Netscape on my computer and use it to cross-check my HTML, both personal and business) and Microsoft Outlook Express. My work computer has Windows 98 and MS Office 97. I’m not rabidly anti-Microsoft myself, but I agree that they have a lot to answer for and that their products aren’t the best out there. But, for reasons similar to why I don’t use BetaMAX video, I’m stuck using many Microsoft products.

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