James Gleick, prolific author on

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James Gleick, prolific author on technology and sociology, author of the proposal to break up Microsoft I wish the DoJ had used, now writes about Microsoft’s responsibilities for the recent ILoveYou email worm. It’s very anti-Microsoft, yet it was published in Slate, which Microsoft owns. Cheers to Mr. Gleick, jeers to Microsoft, and cheers to, um, Microsoft. Just for the record, I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 beta (though I have the latest Netscape on my computer and use it to cross-check my HTML, both personal and business) and Microsoft Outlook Express. My work computer has Windows 98 and MS Office 97. I’m not rabidly anti-Microsoft myself, but I agree that they have a lot to answer for and that their products aren’t the best out there. But, for reasons similar to why I don’t use BetaMAX video, I’m stuck using many Microsoft products.

More Missouri flood coverage. One

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More Missouri flood coverage. One of the victims, Wilbern Banderman, died just around the corner from my parents’ house. The bridge he was crossing, described in the story as “a low-water bridge” is really just a concrete ford across a small, lazy stream. When we’d have out-of-state visitors in town, they’d always use that bridge as an example of how rural our area was. For those of you wondering, my parents’ property is at the confluence of three creeks, but is on the safe high side. The “flood plain” across the water is a neighbors’ hay field. Ordinarily, the creeks are fun trickles. Minnows, crawdads, lazy pools just right for getting your toes wet. Hopping frogs. Tadpoles. Water skeeters. After a good thunderstorm, though, the water’d kill you in a moment. I can’t imagine what it looks like after 14-18 inches of rain.