An open letter from Metallica,

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An open letter from Metallica, courtesy of the Shuttlecocks, regarding their Napster lawsuit. “If music were free, the promotional money — or as we call it in the business, the “we don’t suck” money — would dry up. And without that money, face it, you’d be lost.

I forgot to look at

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I forgot to look at a compass this morning. Did the earth flip while I was sleeping? I couldn’t smell salt on the air when I woke up, nor did I hear the seagulls. Dagnamit.

Due to popular demand (well,

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Due to popular demand (well, I’m sure there would have been demand, were I popular), I’ve made some changes to the easy-to-remember URL for this here weblog: www.kestrelsnest.com. You may recall — that’s the domain I was able to register for free from www.namezero.com. The problem with it was at least 10% of the window was taken up with a namezero bar, and that got old mighty quick. Thanks to the powers of javascript, you can now break out of the frame and free yourself of the namezero bar. So, if you’re separated from your bookmarks and you need to get to Kestrel’s Nest fast, just remember www.kestrelsnest.com