Love is in the air.

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Love is in the air. And in my email inbox, thanks to the Love Letter email worm. In the last two hours, I’ve been sent a flood of these messages, all from clients. It’s the first time I’ve been in the middle of a virus epidemic, and this one’s hit hard. Here’s Symantec’s writeup, though the server is mighty slow right now. Looks pretty nasty, if you collect MP3s.

I have a mouse in

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I have a mouse in my house. I’ve known he was there, because I could hear him playing in the kitchen while I slept in the next room, and on the kitchen table he left, um, physical evidence behind. Still, I wasn’t quite sure. The noises could have been made by the delicately stacked pans atop my wobbly refrigerator. My table has items on it mice love to eat, like bread and flower and sugar and rice, that wasn’t ever touched. Nothing was nibbled, no holes made in the bags or corners munched in the boxes. I tried sneaking in the kitchen while the noises were being made and turning on the light suddenly, but there was never anything there. Tuesday night, though, I saw him. The light went on and the mouse was on the table, blinking at me. Maybe I’ve been following Randy’s Epilogue too closely. Maybe it was the three margaritas I had with dinner. Maybe it was just that it was 2am. Whyever, I’m certain I caught the mouse in mid twirl, using my table for a dancefloor. Well… so long as he doesn’t eat my food or stir up trouble, I guess I’ll let him dance on my table when I’m not using it. Share and share alike, no?

When work gets really busy,

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When work gets really busy, I have less time for chasing down interesting web content. Consequently, fewer links and more stories about my obscenely sensual life. All of your kind words in the last few days have been a real ego booster (as if I needed that…). Thank you.

I get my TV programming

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I get my TV programming via satellite from the Dish Network. I’m too far in the boonies to get any broadcast stations, but the FCC got it into its head that I was close enough to Atlanta that I didn’t qualify to receive any satellite network programming. I appealed, and they gave me ABC, CBS, and PBS. I don’t watch TV much at all, but with ABC carrying the NHL playoffs, I was very happy to get it. The only network show I regularly watched, though, was the Simpsons, and I was told that the Atlanta FOX station refused to allow me to get FOX off the satellite. I’d miss out on all the used car ads, you see. After really missing the Simpsons, I finally called the station and complained. The lady in charge of such things told me, after finding out where I lived, that of course I can get FOX over the satellite. They didn’t care at all, in fact. She mailed me a postcard to that effect. Now,I get FOX from New York and FOX from L.A. Net result? I can watch the Simpsons five times daily. Maybe I ought to start filling up VHS tapes.

It’s only Virtual Hell, but

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It’s only Virtual Hell, but the background music will convince you it is real. At least they didn’t use that citizen in hell song I pointed to earlier. They’re trying to scare me straight, and now that it’s been pointed out that they don’t serve breakfast in hell, it might’ve worked.

There’s a party in my

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There’s a party in my mind, and I hope it never stops.

Only 14 hours to go

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Only 14 hours to go until maximum planetary alignment. I’m flush with anticipation. Come tomorrow, I might be living on the beach! In the snow!