Whoever said politicians aren’t witty?

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Whoever said politicians aren’t witty? A scuffle on the Alabama House floor was preceeded by the following repartee: “You go to hell,” Holmes told White. “You go there, too,” White replied. “Go straight to hell,” Holmes snapped back.

I got notified this morning

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I got notified this morning that I’ve been accepted into the VirginConnect program. No, it’s not a dating service for sexual neophytes. It’s a program by Virgin Entertainment that allows you to “rent-to-own” an internet appliance (the WebPlayer, similar to the i-opener from netpliance) for $50 a year, including unlimited internet access. For the first 10000 people, the first year is free. I don’t have a computer at home, so I signed up. It may be an easy way to write weblog entries without having to lug my work laptop home and back. It may be a fun toy to poke at. It may be a doorstop. We’ll see. I can always send it back if it’s a piece of junk.