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The internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Today’s case in point: Anita Liberty. A few months ago I taped a fun short movie off of the Independent Film Channel titled Anita Liberty. It was a featured short at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. The main character, Anita, is a New York performance artist/poet who has devoted her entire career to humiliating her ex-boyfriend Mitchell, who left her after a number of years for a woman named Heather. It was full of silly poems with lines like “I was thinking of you today. No… wait… I was wrong. I was thinking of someone else.” Somehow Anita comes across as both lovable and pathetic. Empathetic and laughable. The film was only 18 minutes long, but it made me both laugh at her antics and think about mine (I was a Mitchell to someone else’s Anita in my not-too-distant past, though there was no Heather).

Now, thanks to the internet, I see that there’s much more to the Anita Liberty universe that I knew nothing about. The film was but one of Anita’s products. There are books (of poetry and… uh… self-help). There was an HBO series. There are public appearances. There are recordings. A multi-pronged attack on Mitchell. Anita is really a character superbly created by comedian Suzanne Weber. Now that I know there’s all these other things out there, I’ll look for them.

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