Steven Baum at Ethel the

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Steven Baum at Ethel the Blog is my new hero. He uncovered a company that sells CDs jam-packed with old-time radio shows, such as 220 episodes of the wonderful Goon Show on two CDs for only $35. Fantastic! In college, I produced (with much help from my friends) a live weekly radio drama show. Over four years we did Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, my own adaptation of The Hobbit, the BBC’s Lord of the Rings, Firesign Theater, and The Goon Show. All of them were great fun, but I really enjoyed being a Goon. I took Peter Seller’s parts and had a blast. I found a few scripts via interlibrary loan, and a British professor in the Math Department had his family send tapes from England for us to listen to. And now, for $35, I can have them all. I’m overjoyed! Thanks, Steven.