As the month goes by,

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As the month goes by, I expect we’ll all be hearing more bunk about the dreaded 5/5/2000 alignment. Here’s an article from 1996 that explains in detail what’s happening, how it’ll look, when it’s happened before and will again, and gives pointers for how to argue with an astrologer. Reading it reminded me of conversations I’d have with the locals in high school. “What are you going to study in college?” they’d ask me. “Astronomy.” I’d reply. Often times they’d look at me funny and say “You want to tell fortunes? What got you interested in that?” I’d shake my head and say “Actually, I’m interested in cosmology…” but before I could explain they’d say “You mean makeup and hair styles? Like beauty school?” I had that conversation so many times. I had fun explaining my facination with science to people, but always wondered why cosmotology was always on the tip of so many people’s tongues.

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