Poor Clio is a new

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Poor Clio is a new weblog begun by James Edmunds in New Iberia, Louisiana. He sent me an interesting email after reading an entry here a while back, so he’s already got a big plus from me. So far, he’s off to a good start. “I’d like to post daily, and hope I don’t post weakly.

The long-promised virtual tour of

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The long-promised virtual tour of my house is complete. It features both a first-person walkthrough and a clickable floorplan. If this interests you, begin your tour here. Coming up next: a highly referenced annotated HTMLization of my garden. Why? Um… well… some people say information wants to be free. The information about my garden wants to be free and on the web. And if that’s what it wants, I’m happy to oblige. Plus, it’s a great way to teach myself a few web authoring tricks.

I waxed my cheese yesterday.

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I waxed my cheese yesterday. No, that’s not a euphemism for some unspeakable act. I literally waxed the homemade gouda cheese that’s been drying in my pantry for the last three weeks. I also bought a black plastic compost bin for cheap from my county recycling department. So, on top of making bread and cheese and so-on, I’m also making dirt. My tomatoes will love me.

TLCNet is the Transportation for

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TLCNet is the Transportation for Livable Communities Network. Their site has some nice community-oriented resources, including the full text of publications available for download or online reading.

Project Censored has released it’s

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Project Censored has released it’s annual list of the top 25 news stories that didn’t get picked up by the mainstream press in the last year. It turns out I’d read most all of these before now, and nearly all because I’d seen pointers in various weblogs (most notably Robot Wisdom). One more sign (in my mind, anyway) that weblogs are a powerful force, even if every other link is about making cheese.