Thanks to the hard work

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Thanks to the hard work of the Pyra crew, the “permanent location” links at the end of each entry really are the permanent locations. Feel free to link to any individual entry without fear of stale linkage. Here’s the time I went shopping with Kim Basinger. (Sorry guys… still no pr0n.)

The US Forest Service’s Passport

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The US Forest Service’s Passport In Time program is an excellent way to get involved in history. Throughout the year at sites across the nation, projects ranging from archaeological digs to preservation to documentation are available for you to volunteer your services. Usually no special skills are required, but sometimes they’re looking for photographers and other hobbyists. Sometimes they provide food & lodging, other times you camp near or on site. Whatever the project, you’ll find these a great way to spend your vacations. In 1994, I spent a week excavating a late Anasazi/Mogollon pueblo located on the very top of a mesa (”Pueblo de la Mesa”) and was there with my hands in the dirt when the team found a number of things that got them and us volunteers very excited.