I got to see my

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I got to see my mother last night in Atlanta, as she was in town for a training session. The wonderful folks at Nschool even bought me dinner — a fine Italian feast at Dominick’s in Norcross. I ate at least three meal’s worth of very good food and topped it off with a large slab of cheesecake and bits off of everyone else’s dessert plates. Mmmm! It looks like Nschool is doing some exciting things (using technology exported from here in Athens) to bring web-based toools to the classrooms. Webpages, yes, and calendars, message boards, email, and more for the students, teachers, and parents — free to the schools. They do this through advertising, but unlike the ads like those found on Channel One and similar in-school programs, Nschool carefully screens the advertisers and links only to pages that offer educational content and things such as scholarships and grants. All in all, this looks like a super company.

Patrick Naughton has pleaded guilty

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Patrick Naughton has pleaded guilty to one count of crossing state lines for the purpose of meeting a minor for sex in return for having the other charges dropped. This saves him from sitting though a second trial. Excite posted an excellent lengthy article this morning titled “Jailbait and Switch” that details what he did, how he got caught, and how he fought his way through the first trial.

I’m sure glad I can

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I’m sure glad I can dance and type at the same time. It makes me so very productive.

I tell you — my.mp3.com

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I tell you — my.mp3.com rocks! Here I was, wishing I had my Violent Femmes CD with me, when I remembered that I had beamed it to my.mp3.com. Now, a couple clicks later, I’m listening to the CD in streaming hi-fi. Thanks for letting me listen to my music when I want, where I want, my.mp3.com! I just hope the judges will see things our way.

… out of mints, pass

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out of mints, pass the life savers
dropping hints, candy for candy coated tongue…