It seems a shame to

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Purty FlowerIt seems a shame to mow down all of the wildflowers in the yard. One of the nice things about a reel mower is rather than rushing through the job to escape the noise, I can hear the birds, play with the neighbor’s dog, and pay close attention to the life around me. Like the wonderful flower pictured here. It was only an inch and a half tall but still looked spectacular — deep blue bells against the greens of the grass and dandelions. I mowed around it.

On a whim, I woke

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On a whim, I woke up early and drove to a yard sale being held a few miles down the road from me. As I walked in the yard, the very first thing I saw was a new-looking reel mower, exactly the same model I wrote about the other day. Asking price? Twenty bucks. I grabbed it and a wheelbarrow and went on my way. I have this knack for having things work out well. My friends notice it more than I do and ask me (usually after yet another roll of triple sixes during a Risk game) how I have such good luck with everything. I’ve never had the answer before, but now that I have a car, I realize that I was given good luck in exchange for having every traffic light turn red right as I pull up. It annoys me at times, but I’ve come to terms with the trade and I think that I got the good side of the deal.