The Gouda wheel has been

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The Gouda wheel has been air-drying in my pantry for the last several days. It smells divine, though not like gouda yet. It’s like fresh sweet cream, like a slice of the finest plain cheesecake you can imagine. It’ll cure for about three weeks, then get dipped in wax for a two month ageing. The next step in my cheesemongering is to find a source for fresh milk. When I was small, we’d get glass gallon jars of fresh milk from local small farmers regularly. The cream would rise to the top and we’d make butter and other great things. Maybe I was just spoiled or lucky or both; I just can’t find anything like that where I live now. Even with about 25 herds of goats around me, goat milk’s being denied me as well. I’ve pulled up to complete strangers’ houses, asking to barter for or buy fresh milk. The folks tell me they just have them around to keep the pastures looking nice, for weed control. I guess the next thing to try is stopping at the local churches (of course, there’s about 50 within a few miles of my house) and leave my number on the message boards. With all of the small farms and all of the livestock near me, someone has to have fresh milk, right?

Those of you still in

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Those of you still in Austin after the technology conference and those of you there for the music festival that started it all, go see my office-mate Brad’s band, Deacon Brody, playing early this evening at one of the SXSW venues. They’re mighty good.