Back in January, I wrote

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Back in January, I wrote of a movie filmed from a kestrel’s point of view called Kestrel’s Eye. It’s not been shown here in Athens, of course, but the publisher has it for sale on their website. Only $285… it looks like I’ll have to wait for the “priced-to-own” $19.95 realease a while longer.

A peek through my refferer

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A peek through my refferer logs found this interesting personal portal. One click opens several of Toby’s favorite sites each in its own window. I found it interesting because it mimics my own browsing style of having a handful of browser windows up at once and trickling through them while I’m at work. While waiting for data to extract, for example, I can quickly read a news story that caught my eye earlier in the day and then get right back to work. Quick burst of web browsing followed by a couple hours of slow digestion. The only trouble is when my laptop crashes (say, when I’m alpha-testing new code or, oh, using a Microsoft product), I lose all of my unread windows, and I rarely remember what I had waiting for me.

My very first weblog entry

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My very first weblog entry was James Gleick’s collection of on-line essays. You won’t find the original post here, though, as Kestrel’s Nest didn’t exist then. I fed it to Peter Merholz for posting on peterme. Anyway, I bring it up again because James has now published an excellent essay on the collapse of our patent system. Like me, he faults the system much more than he does Amazon, though he did throw a few zingers Bezos’ way.

Introducing the Porta-John Comfort Station:

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Introducing the Porta-John Comfort Station: All the comforts of home, “out-standing in the field”. (No, I didn’t make that slogan up.) If that’s far too much comfort for your tastes, perhaps you’d be interested in the Kan Du or the Tote-A-John.