Outlet for a sudden cash

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Outlet for a sudden cash windfall #672: Clearwater Hats. Hats from the 1700’s through today.

The Mission to Mars movie

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The Mission to Mars movie is providing Richard Hoagland with all sorts of ego boosting.

I saw Paris, Texas on

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I saw Paris, Texas on the big screen last night. What can I say but “wow”. Wim Wenders uses his usual brilliance to deliver a film about communication while hardly using traditional face-to-face dialogue. My dreams all night had a running bottleneck guitar soundtrack, which was more than a little creepy. This page is a tribute to the film, though it seems several links took me to a French 404.

A word of caution: sourdough

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A word of caution: sourdough starters like fresh whey a little too much. Mine erupted last night and my kitchen table is covered with drying starter. Enough stayed in the crock to keep me going, but it sure made a mess.

A Time Machine That Also

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A Time Machine That Also Cuts Grass — a fun article from The Christain Science Monitor about the joys of mowing with a reel mower. No… I’m not obsessed.

The lease for my country

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The lease for my country home states that I have to mow my lawn. I prefer to have a shaggy lawn with lots of wild flowers, but with the recent warm weather, it’s getting to be too shaggy for the owner’s taste. So… I need to get a lawnmower. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it (hi mom!), but I’ve decided that I’d really prefer a reel manual mower to a motorized one. The Reel Lawn Mower History & Preservation Project has a listing of current manufacturers, and CleanAirGardening.com is currently having a sale that includes free shipping on a tried-and-true model with sharpener and clipping catcher. I’ll see if I can’t find one used somewhere, but if not, maybe CleanAirGardening is the place for me. Actually, it looks like I can save at least $10 shopping elsewhere.