I’ve seen this on a

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I’ve seen this on a few other weblogs this past week, and it’s worth repeating here. The Nation has a very readable article damning General Motors, Du Pont and Standard Oil for adding lead to gasoline for profit alone and using dirty tactics to hide the effects and smother any alternatives.

Middlefinger MP3s and Free Radicals

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Middlefinger MP3s and Free Radicals MP3s. Good stuff! I know you could have easily found them on your own from the previous links, but hey — I’m excited about these.

Speaking of Sprawl, back in

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Speaking of Sprawl, back in the day I really enjoyed a “ska-klezmer-whatever” band from Houston named Sprawl (no, I can’t explain that link to you. sorry.). Marjorie and I were in Albuquerque looking for something to do one night and we noticed posters for “Punk-Funk-Reggae from Houston” at an all-ages place. Had a great time, bought recordings, saw them again when they came through over the years. After one crazy show, lead singer Matt Kelly came down and shared a loaf of banana bread from his grandma with us. I’ve wondered what happened to them since then. It seems after the band split up, the members grouped together in two other bands, The Free Radicals and Middlefinger. Matt, now with Middlefinger, has had three surgeries to repair injuries sustained during shows, including the near-fatal accidental slashing of an artery with a broken beer bottle.

It’s been a while since

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any anti-sprawl links, so here’s three I’ve run across recently. First, an article from Feed magazine is a nice overview of the problem, with several illustrative examples. Second, The Congress for the New Urbanism is dedicated to fighting sprawl where ever and how ever it can. Third, Scientific American currently has a homey article about Andres Duany, the father of New Urbanism.