Wow. Thanks, Jorn!

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Wow. Thanks, Jorn!

It was a real homesteading

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It was a real homesteading kind of day here at the country home. After getting laundry out of the way, I weeded the garden and mixed some unplanted beds. I’d wanted to plant several root vegetables (radishes, beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips), but the beds were still too wet from yesterday’s storms. I baked two loaves of sourdough bread. Loaves I started a small wheel of gouda cheese Gouda (ob cheese making link) and made several pounds of cottage cheese. Cottage Cheese I roasted a chicken and potatoes (lunches for the week!) using a new recipe that involved butterflying the whole chicken and roasting at 500 degrees. I collected a bunch of pecans from the front yard and made two loaves of sourdough banana nut bread. Banana Bread Finally, I read in the new book I have, The Encyclopedia of Country Living (as recommended by Mike Gunderloy of LarkFarm), on growing and processing grains. Several of my friends have a running joke inspired by my homemade pizzas — I make the mozzarella, grow the basil & tomatoes, make the crust from scratch (using whey from the cheese). “What,” they say “you didn’t grind the wheat into flour yourself, too?” It’s coming, though this year it’ll be amaranth, quinoa, and corn.