I knew blogging would pay

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I knew blogging would pay off some day. After finding the Athens Marigold Mallet Society (posted yesterday) posted by Chip Woods (brain-father to the Year 2000 Project family of weblogs), I marched on over and played a raucus game of croquet, my first in over two years. Finally, I met Chip, and he’s as nice a guy as his weblog suggests. His blogged technological exploits always interest me, but his degree of wiredness was a sight to behold:

Chip (talking on cell phone): “Oh, hey, I gotta go
Us: “No, it’s not your turn yet.
Chip: “Huh? What? No! I’ve got a call on the other line.

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  1. Chip is part of some new demographic, in which there are definite undercurrents of nerd, but interlaced with a wholistic cultural awareness unusual in prototypical nerds.

    No doubt, Chip is nerdcore. But, he’s interconnected in deep ways to so many subcultures that there should be a name for him. Maybe he’s a xuppie (http://xuppies.com/) or maybe he’s a George or an Abe (http://georgeandabe.com/).

    Chip certainly is something, no doubt about it.

    Comment by Trevor — 3/6/2003 @ 9:37 am

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