Tim O’Reilly’s conversation with Jeff

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Tim O’Reilly’s conversation with Jeff Bezos reinforces my opinion that Amazon is not evil because of their application for and defense of certain patents. While I may not have done what they did, they are fighting off larger competitors using the tools our economic system has given them. They haven’t used strong-arm tactics against the little guy and they have a case for protecting true innovations. I’m sticking by them. Besides, I dislike Barnes & Noble for anchoring a new stripmall here in Athens with the most meager B&N store you’ve ever seen and for my rough experience at their on-line store.

Ohmygoodness. There’s a croquet group

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Ohmygoodness. There’s a croquet group in town, the Marigold Mallet Society. They have a game tonight. I’m so there.

Barns painted red reminds me

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Barns painted red reminds me of a (bad) joke I used to tell when I was young and obnoxious.

Why are fire engines painted red? Because 2 + 2 is 4 and 4 x 3 is 12. There are 12 inches in a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is also a boat. Boats sail on the sea. Fishes swim in the sea. Fishes have fins. The Fins fought the Russians. Russians are also known as reds. Fire engines are always rushin’, and that’s why they’re painted red.

You really didn’t want to know me in junior high.

You all may or may

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You all may or may not find this useful (I know I will), but I’ve added a “permanent location” to the bottom of each entry. It’s a bit of a misnomer, because they really won’t be permanent until they’re archived, but you’ll be able to bookmark specific archived entries if you wish. You can link to specific entries here, as well, but the link will expire after 10 days. Until I can find an automatic way, you can construct the permanent address if you wish from the date of the Sunday of the week I posted the entry. Sounds confusing, but it’s not too bad. For example, the address to this post is http://www.ericwagoner.com/weblog/#78374 while it’s on the front page. The perrmanent address is http://www.ericwagoner.com/weblog/archive/2000_03_05_archive.html#78374. If you know the entry number and the Sunday’s date, you can construct a permanent link to any specific post I’ve written, going back to day one. Thanks to Matt Haughey for explaining how this works.

So, why are barns painted

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A Barn. No, really!So, why are barns painted red? That happens to be the most frequently answered question at The Barn Journal, and of course they have an answer. Several, actually.