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Biblical Discernment Ministries does its best to show us how far to the right the extreme right can go. During a quick browse through the site, I discovered that the TBN (home to the 700 Club) and Pat Robertson are blasphemers helping spread secular filth, that someone is wearing Hitler’s secret Mormon underwear, that Elvis Presley is burning in Hell (and Billy Graham will be joining him there), and of course that Bob Jones University is anything but a bastion of Bible Christianity. Did you know that Bob Jones allows sodomites to view his collection of blasphemous “sacred art” and sponsors a demonic karate team?


  1. You’re wrong about his site. You’ve taken only parts of information to purposely make it look riduculous.

    Comment by Anonymous — 12/5/2002 @ 9:25 am

  2. Actually, you’ve done exactly what the people who run this site do: Which is to take parts of information to purposely make someone else look like the bad guy. These people are great at building straw men and knocking them down. Of course if you actually try to get into a discussion with them, they refuse to speak to you because by disagreeing with them, you are automatically WRONG. Convenient way to argue, huh ? I’m right, you’re wrong, and if I ever turn out ot be wrong, see the previous statement !!!

    Comment by Anonymous — 3/5/2003 @ 3:11 am

  3. Hmm…If you are a genuine, born-again Christian, saved by the Blood of Christ, then you recognize what Rick is trying to do: that is, mark unbiblical behaviour in higher-profile “Christian” organizations and figures, and give believers grounds to exercise proper Biblical separation as we are commanded to do. Yes, I’m sure that he, as a person still inhabiting the earthly body he was given, and not yet glorified by God, makes mistakes, but I believe his motives to be correct.
    As for the many “televangelists” out there, I’m inclined to believe much of his research because it is first-person ( i.e. HE has personally investigated those that he exposes )and it corroborates with what many others have noticed and made public knowledge. Here’s the point: I want to know what people I potentially gain respect for are REALLY involved in. Isn’t that my right? If they are externally Biblical, then I can probably listen to them with a clear concience. If they aren’t ( and I value God’s Word above ALL else ) then I will not give them the credibility they desire.
    Thirdly, as for Elvis Presley, if he did not accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour sometime in his earthly life ( and repent of his sins ) then he is most assuredly in Hell, as will all humanity that rejects Christ. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself in the New Testament. As for Hitler, he was a Catholic, lauded on the day of his death by a Spanish newspaper as being a “defender of the faith”; so he would be wearing Catholic underwear…
    Finally, Rick Miesel isn’t the first to come out with evidence that many Christian schools are compromising their teachings with the world, and he won’t be the last.

    Comment by D.G. — 9/14/2003 @ 6:46 am

  4. Actually, I read through much of their site, but when I came to their specific site on Orthodoxy I was appauled at what I found. Sure, they provide quotes of what they believe is blasphemy, so I contacted them and simply asked why I should believe their interpretation of Scripture over what the Orthodox, or Lutheran, or Presbyterian, or any church’s interpretation of Scripture. I also said that many of the doctrines espoused on the site were foreign to ancient Christianity, and asked if anyone would like to discuss the beliefs of the ancient Fathers of the Church. In the response I received I was told, and I quote, “you are delusional”, redirected to the Orthodoxy site once again, and told that they didn’t “have time to deal with spiritual morons.” And this coming from individuals who say saving faith results in fruits and good works. From the response I received I didn’t witness any evidences of saving faith!

    Comment by SL4God — 12/15/2003 @ 11:18 am

  5. The tactics of Mr Meisel reveal everything about his mission. Ignorance-almost total- is the least of his sins. He resorts to calumny, fabrication, scandal-mongering, invective, red herring and straw man arguments all the time, accusing others of these very offenses. If Rick, liar. blasphemer, and coward that he is, does not meet Evlis in heaven that will be a function of his own absence. He is a lving pollution of the word the chastity of which he claims to defend.

    Comment by Dennis morton — 1/20/2004 @ 1:15 am

  6. Rick Meisel’s site has scared me, screwed me up, and made me more paranoid than I ever thought possible! If Rick’s God is true, then I would NOT want to mess with that God. . . He’s as scary as the devil himself!!!

    Comment by Sean Moroz — 12/19/2006 @ 10:06 pm

  7. It seems to me that Mr. Miesel, the editor of Biblical Discernment Ministries, has forgotten the commandment that tells us ALL that we shall not bear false witness against our neighbor. There are plenty of falsehoods on his site. He seems to have deliberately misconstrued information and then placed this misinformation, including ugly innuendos, on his site for the world to see. Unfortunately many unsuspecting and probably well-intentioned readers will assume the information to be truthful and factual and possibly even print this wrong information out and pass it out at their churches, Bible study groups, etc.
    The innuendos and the outright falsehoods are very unChristian-like. The use of, at least some, questionable resources in addition to the matters mentioned in the previous paragraph, cause me to seriously doubt the integrity and motives of Mr. Miesel and Biblical Discernment Ministries. At the very least, these things are certainly enough for me to find Mr. Miesel and the Biblical Discernment Ministries website discreditable.

    Comment by Anonymous — 2/24/2007 @ 11:40 pm

  8. After our daughter was murdered, I began looking for more answers than my up-til-then faith could answer. My entire family, including my daughter, believes Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. I became acquainted with a book entitled Shattered Dreams, by Larry Crabb. Many of the concepts in the book matched my thoughts, and enlightened me on others. Upon visiting the search engine while looking up information about Larry, I came upon a website where Rick Meisel had an article on Larry. I opened it up and read it. I then wrote an e-mail to Rick asking him that if Larry has asked Jesus into his life was he going to hell just because he had ideas that Rick didn’t agree with. I received a quick but curt/stiff answer that said that “yes he was going to hell because he preaches a false gospel.” When I replied citing several examples of Jesus love, forgivenes and mercy, Rick’s reply was “Were you this big of a spiritual moron before your daughter’s death, or is it something that just come’s natural for you.”
    Honestly, I have to admit that when I read his first response I felt a cold chill of hatred toward anyone that Rick has on his list.But the second response made me laugh as most people would at least say some sort of consolation to a mother who had just lost her daughter to murder. This proved that he is not acquainted with love, and because there are so many things wrong with Rick’s point of view and expression of it, he has failed to see that it was God’s love for us that prompted Jesus to save us from hell, while we were His enemies. Although we are to defend the faith, Rick goes way over board. My next reply asked him what he did when he lusted after women, or may be it was men that he lusted after. He gave no response to this question. When he was asked about his homosexuality, he did not deny that he was a homosexual. The spirit that embodied the Catholic church of the Inquisition has found a new home.

    Comment by Karen S — 4/1/2007 @ 7:49 pm

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