Biblical Discernment Ministries does its

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Biblical Discernment Ministries does its best to show us how far to the right the extreme right can go. During a quick browse through the site, I discovered that the TBN (home to the 700 Club) and Pat Robertson are blasphemers helping spread secular filth, that someone is wearing Hitler’s secret Mormon underwear, that Elvis Presley is burning in Hell (and Billy Graham will be joining him there), and of course that Bob Jones University is anything but a bastion of Bible Christianity. Did you know that Bob Jones allows sodomites to view his collection of blasphemous “sacred art” and sponsors a demonic karate team?

TVEyes, we’re watching while you’re

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TVEyes, we’re watching while you’re not! This company will monitor the TV airwaves for utterences of any word or phrase you choose, and then email you a notification. It seems this is mostly intended for financial types who want to see what people are saying about their hot stock, but it has other interesting uses, too. For example, Chip over at Chip’s SpyNotebook watched for the word “monkey” Wednesday evening and found a number of quotes.