Lady Luck walks out on

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Lady Luck walks out on the Kilkenny Cats on the one day they need her most as Cork stage a dramatic triumph. You can catch up on all of your hurling news, thanks to a site from Guinness. I think if you were to follow a link labelled “hurling” from an American brewery’s page, you might expect to be taken somewhere entirely different.

As predicted, Toronto beat on

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As predicted, Toronto beat on the Thrashers last night, winning 4-0. The gameplay was uninspired on both sides, but the Guinness was mighty fine. Very amusing was the second intermission time-killer: a mid-rink game of Sumo Hockey. Six people dressed in those big inflatable sumo suits played a quick game. I’ll be back tomorrow to watch my favorites, the St Louis Blues, deliver yet another pounding.

Greg over at MandomongerFarm (”slouching

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Greg over at MandomongerFarm (”slouching toward self-sufficiency“) has come back from his blogging hiatus, started the day I found the site. While away, he’s started Goldfish Dreams, a place for homesteading, health, social activism, and other interests.

At Topozone, I was able

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At Topozone, I was able to find my house on a set of old USGS quad maps. In the center of the map you’ll see an upside-down “T” intersection with three houses shown. Mine’s the one right at the corner, the middle of the three. Since this map was made, the road segment heading west from the house has been abandoned, leaving just a wicked curve. The house shown just to the west of mine has also been abandoned, and my landlords live in the one to the east. Hook up your GPSs and come visit: 34.0863N, 83.2713W . Hmmm… not to far from 34N,83W. If only I could find the URL to The Convergence Project.

If you’ve ever wanted to

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If you’ve ever wanted to see the Wal-Mart Visitor’s Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, you may first want to see RussJohn’s write-up. Actually, if you’ve ever wanted to see anything in Arkansas, RussJohn’s there for you. My wonderful friend Marjorie (hi Marg!) may be particularly interested in the 30 Foot Tall Mr Peanut, just one of the sites listed under Things Which Defy (or at least do not require) Explanation.