The financial impact of the

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The financial impact of the NAACP boycott of South Carolina has been heavy in the news today. In case you’ve been asleep for a while, the NAACP is boycotting South Carolina because the confederate battle flag is flying over the capitol building there. I understand that the NAACP has had to pick its battles, and maybe this was the easiest to win, but in South Carolina, there’s one flag flying over one building. The NAACP press release says “South Carolina is the only state to fly the Confederate battle flag over its Statehouse” and I strongly disagree. The picture at the beginning of this post is the Georgia State flag. If you click on the image, you’ll be taken to the state’s official flag webpage. As you can see, the confederate battle flag makes up about 80% of the entire flag design. This flag is flown not just over the capitol building, but at every government office, in every state courtroom, at every public school, at every library. Millions of flags flying on millions of public flagpoles, all either proudly displaying the state’s heritage or cruelly reminding of several hundred years of atrocities depending on your point of view. Why is one flag over one building getting all of the attention? I hope that one flag gets taken down soon so that the NAACP and the presidential candidates and the press can start seeing all of the millions of flags here in Georgia. I’ve called the NAACP (410.486.9227) on this issue to see what their position is, and they’ve informed me that they don’t currently have one.

I’m hoping that this meme

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I’m hoping that this meme won’t spread too fast, but I give it here so you can view the goods while they’re still there. Cletus’ Farm (”Some folk’ll never eat a skunk, but then again some folk’ll, like Cletus the slack-jawed yokell!“) has most of the episodes of The Simpsons available for viewing in either streaming or downloadable realplayer formats. The site is heavily flashed, and certainly not legal (in the eyes of Fox, anyway). My personal favorite is “Last Exit to Springfield” from season for, where the nuclear plant workers strike over a dental plan. That episode has everything that makes The Simpsons great wrapped up in a single episode, but for some reason it never shows up in anyone’s favorites list. Thanks to Bird on a Wire for posting about this.