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A wacky CNN story about a man and his sourdough. Must’ve been a slow newsday at the Food desk, I guess. My friend Kim takes great pleasure in telling people that I’ve named my sourdough starter, offering it up as one more piece of evidence showing just how weird I really am. If only she knew the whole of it (she will now… hi Kim!). She thinks its name is Harold, but really it’s Harald , named for Harald Hardrada, the King of Norway who invaded England in 1066, was defeated by King Harold Godwinson, who was in turn immediately defeated by William, Duke of Normandy in the Battle of Hastings. So I’m not just weird, I’m a weird dork, no? I know it’s not all that strange to name your sourdough, though. I’m sure my parents had a named starter (Herman, I think) when I was small that they got from someone else. Actually, after a quick Google search, it appears that many, many people must have had Herman.

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