My new digital camera came

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Yup. It's me.My new digital camera came today. It’s a Polaroid PDC300 I bought at ubid.com for about 70% of what it’s selling for at WalMart. It looks like it’ll be nice for snapping quick photos for the web, which is really all I want to do with it.

The Bradlands pointed me to

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The Bradlands pointed me to a nice example of applied statistical analysis. The Grim Reaper’s Age Guesser will attempt to guess your age based on your answers to a number of questions. As I was going through, I kept thinking “no way will this be close,” but it hit my age spot-on. And then told me how it did it.

If you missed Sunday night’s

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If you missed Sunday night’s showing of Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak, find someone who taped it. Like me. In the meantime, Brak’s homemade webpage has all kinds of goodies, including quicktime clips and a peek at his contract. “II. PU PU PLATTERS. Brak (”Brak”), as a subsidiary of Peking Dragon, cannot be held responsible for Pu Pu not on the platter (”Platter”).”

Yikes! The management of my

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Yikes! The management of my former apartment turned down the person who was subleasing from me due to a failed credit check. So now I’ve got 7 days to find someone else. Good thing I saved all those answering machine messages from the ad I ran.