Here’s a very nice article

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Here’s a very nice article about Harrold’s Angels Sing that appeared in our local paper. Yup… that’s me in the WWF shirt, staring lecherously at the amazing Ashley standing next to me.

Today’s mental image of the

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Today’s mental image of the day comes from MonkeyBagel in his ode to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “… a whimpering mime curled into a fetal ball, corndogs smacking wetly into his head …” Mmmm…. corndogs.

Harrold’s Angels Sing opens tonight

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I'm an angel!Harrold’s Angels Sing opens tonight and runs through Sunday at the Town and Gown theater. In this image from the poster, I’ve been turned into a cute little cherub, lecherously peeking down the beauty’s toga. That describes my character pretty well, really. You can click on the picture for a larger version. For those of you reading this in Athens, the show’s at 8:15 tonight and tomorrow, 2:15 on Sunday. $5 to get in, or $4 if you’re a student. You spynotebook folks might enjoy this one. And hey, it’s all happening right next door to Chip’s place.

At my new house, I’ve

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At my new house, I’ve got the dish network (America’s Top 100), but I really haven’t had the time to explore the channels. Last night as I was falling asleep I found Noggin, a channel of educational children’s programming with a focus on such “retro” shows as 3-2-1 Contact (Wherever there’s trouble, we’re there on the double. We’re the Bloodhound Gang! If you’ve got the crime, we’ve got the time. We’re the Bloodhound Gang!), The Electric Company (Hey You Guys!), and ’60s and ’70s Sesame Street. It had been at least 20 years since I’d seen The Electric Company. The channel is clearly targeted at people of my age group with young uns of their own. In place of commercials, they run little clips of animation, quick fun facts, and lots of retro TV moments. Each week the website has three retro clips that you can vote on for your favorite. This week, choose between Jennifer of the Jungle teaches the ape about quotation marks, Sing a Song, and the Bert & Ernie classic Bannana in Ear. I’m as much for Jennifer of the Jungle as the next guy, but when you’re up against Bannana in Ear, there’s just not much that can be done. Last week’s winner: The Mad Painter (”Today, I’m going to paint a four“). I don’t know why this appeals to me so. It’s especially puzzling since my family didn’t have a TV for much of my childhood.

After mentioning retro educational TV

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After mentioning retro educational TV this morning, Marjorie asked me about Zoom. I never saw Zoom myself, and everytime I hear it mentioned, it’s in the context of “I used to love Zoom, but everyone I talk to thinks I’m crazy, that I’m making it up.” Zoom’s not on Noggin, but you can read all about it, see photos from the show, and even look at original Zoom mailings at TV Party’s Lost Kid Show’s pages. PBS is now running a hip modern revival of the show, and like all PBS programs, they’ve got a mighty complete internet presence.

Back on the 28th of

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Back on the 28th of January, I commented on the strange story of a murdered English chicken. CNN has just now picked up on the story (oh yeah… I scooped CNN by 21 days!). They’ve added a few details, like the fact that the chicken used to perch up in a local tavern and relieve itself wherever it pleased.

Sometimes (like here in my

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Sometimes (like here in my office), I don’t have the space to roll out the full-sized Twister mat. At times like that, I turn to Finger Twister.

Please help Billy Evans (the

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Please help Billy Evans (the boy with just a head, and a burlap sack for a body). Every nickle from Bill Gates and AOL is a prayer from NASA, and Billy needs our help.

I have had The Grand

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I have had The Grand Old Duke of York (…he had ten thousand men…) running through my head for three days straight now. Someone, anyone, please make it stop!