I was thinking the other

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I was thinking the other day (hmmm… yesterday, maybe) “What ever happened to the Britannica Boy?” Like always when I have questions like these, I turned to the internet, thinking somebody’s done a big fan page for the twerp. It seems he was too universally despised, as the only mention of him I could find was this page of taglines which includes “The Encyclopedia Britannica Boy must die!” Once for Halloween, my friend Matt did a spot-on impression of him and was threatened with beatings everywhere he went. Of course, in his day-to-day persona, he was also threatened with beatings everywhere he went.

Several news sources (mostly CNN)

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Several news sources (mostly CNN) reported Tuesday that CNN.com was a victim of the recent denial-of-service attacks and was unavailable for some time Tuesday afternoon. At the same time, CNN.com underwent a massive redesign. Coincidence? I think not… I’m guessing the redesign had a flaw that forced it off-line. The redesign’s pretty bad, I think, and is fairly unreadable in some places, such as this article about the Handspring Visor / camera combo that features light grey text on a white background. I had to highlight the text just to read it.

Yesterday I lugged bookshelves, my

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Yesterday I lugged bookshelves, my futon, kitchen things, chairs, and other large items to the new house. Enough to let me stay the night there. I spent the evening watching the Blues lose to their rivals the Red Wings and building a fine Sauder TV stand. This morning, all my muscles are sore, my fingers are swollen (from the screwdriver), and I’m 15 pounds lighter than yesterday. Either my scale’s broken today, or it has been for the last two weeks (when it read the same value every day after weeks of steady loss). Things with the digital camera didn’t work out, either, so it’ll be a couple weeks before the virtual tour’s up. I’ll wait until after I get unpacked and next week’s play is over. I’ve updated the “About Me” page to show my new address and phone number.

From the Brunching Shuttlecocks, it’s

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From the Brunching Shuttlecocks, it’s Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth From An Asteroid: Project Jumping China — “What’s that racket!” “Why it’s those damn Chinese folk, jumping up and down to save the world. Again.” “Well can’t they keep it down? Hee-Haw’s on!”

Now that I’ve got garden

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Now that I’ve got garden space, I’ve circled $90 worth of seeds in my Seeds of Change catalog. My gardens have been square foot gardens in the past, and I’ll keep that style at my new place. I’ve already put plans down on graph paper for 430 square feet of garden space. I’m a happy, happy man.