Viva la Cola! Even though

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Viva la Cola! Even though Havana Cola proudly claims to be “the original Key Lime cola” right on the can, my co-worker Paul (host of World of Beverage — where happiness comes in a bottle and refills are free.) claims that this tastes the most like Coke of any non-coke he’s tasted. More so even than Australian Coke. “In 1898, during the Spanish American war, Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders brought to Cuba the first bottled cola. To toast the liberation of Havana, cola and rum were combined with key lime juice for the first time. The result was the “Cuba Libre” (free Cuba). Today, Havana Cola® brings back the taste of key lime and cola to celebrate the spirit of the Rough Riders.”

“That idiot on wetlog made

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That idiot on wetlog made a serious error of judgement with his pathetic weblog junior high portal. The moron must be a couple of ten-sided die short of a gaming convention if he thinks that an ill-written, unintelligible piece of crap like that is going to even border on witty. Neale must have some major self-esteem issues. He’s probably impotent.”

I for one enjoyed Weblog Junior High, complete with rudeness, ugly language & images, and all that. And, just like junior high, I got left out.

Digging into Lance further, I

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Digging into Lance further, I was hoping to find out what the hack a Nekot is. The cookie page says “Take a break from the daily grind with the subtle sweetness of Lance’s Nekot® cookies with peanut butter . . . While you snack, try to solve the mystery of the word Nekot®.” Sneaky Lance people.

Mmmm…. Toastchee. Lance Snacks has

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Mmmm…. Toastchee. Lance Snacks has finally established a web presence. According to the nifty animated gif at the top of their page, we’re expected to consume about 3000 calories a day of between-meal snacks. I can’t afford to buy that many honeybuns, but thankfully, they’re giving away free samples of their new sugar wafers. Sugar wafers make great coffee stirrers, you know.