If you need transcripts, video,

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If you need transcripts, video, audio, or background information from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, look no further than Stone Dead Productions in Australia. Those Bruces sure know how to serve up a transcript.

textfiles.com is your source for

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textfiles.com is your source for everything ASCII. Over 20,000 documents are at your fingertips. The emphasis is on text files from the 1980’s, and they are arranged by category. The humor section alone is a goldmine for would-be framers.

Ask and you will receive.

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Ask and you will receive. The very next site I visited after posting about the yak creature was a weblog titled Mandomonger Farm, 21st century American Homestead. Of course, I’ll be spending plenty of time there reading, but the very first entry there was for Oklahoma State’s Breeds of Livestock - Goat Breeds pages. Photos of every type of goat are there, as well as cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and “other”.

I was leaving the potential

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I was leaving the potential country home last night and made it a few hundred yards down the road when I had to swerve to miss some sort of Himalayan yeti mountain yak. Or something… I have no idea what it was. It had a body like a yak, but a goat head with big curled sheep horns. I checked the American Goat Society webpage where they describe all the breeds, but they don’t have photos. I’ll know by Saturday whether the house is mine or not, and then I’ll try to track down the critter and figure out what it was.

Where is Cassini now? Cassini

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Where is Cassini now? Cassini is on its way to Saturn, arriving in 2004. While it’s flying there, you can see simulated views from the spacecraft. One view looks back at Earth, a second looks toward Jupiter, a third looks ahead at Saturn, while a fourth view looks down on the craft from high above the solar system. The pictures update themselves every few hours, and for the next few months they serve a second purpose: watch the planets align in the great 5/5/00 alignment that will destroy the Earth (as we know it)! You know, this planet’s getting hard to live on what with all the catastrophes lately. First the devestating asteroid impacts last November, the whole Y2K / apocalypse thing, and now the planets pulling the Earth apart. Sheesh! Enough, already! How will I ever make it to 2003, when the mothership arrives to take home the chosen 144,000?