PBS’s NOVA began a new

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PBS’s NOVA began a new series yesterday. Secrets of Lost Empires shows historians trying to reproduce ancient engineering marvels using the same ancient methods. The first episode detailed the medieval trebuchet, a catapult/slingshot that was the first weapon to threaten stone castle walls. The websites are up to the usual high PBS standards and provide plenty of background material and links to other sites of interest. In the SCA, a medieval recreationist/research society I belong to, there is some interest in recreating siege engines of all types. The annual Estrella War (to be held in two weeks in Southern Arizona) hosts a siege engine contest. The entries have gotten more impressive and authentic in recent years, but I haven’t yet found any photos. I miss Estrella.

Listen to all those glorious

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Listen to all those glorious TV theme songs from days gone by at TV Cream Themes. This site made one of my co-workers very, very happy when he got to listen to the theme from Fall Guy. Whatever makes you happy, Brad…