As Kurt Vonnegut recovers from

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As Kurt Vonnegut recovers from his near-fatal house fire, you can browse through the most comprehensive Vonnegut site in the cosmos, courtesy of Duke University. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Kurt!

I haven’t mentioned my Who

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I haven’t mentioned my Who Wants to be a Millionaire efforts lately. I’m still trying, and every night get tripped up by the final question. I thought I had a chance last night, but couldn’t put four historical monarchs in order based on the timespan they ruled. Amanda McKay, also from Athens, will be on the show tonight.

I’ve found a wonderful 100

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I’ve found a wonderful 100 year old farmhouse for rent outside Athens (reference my ecopoet entry of Jan 24, below). It’s not a sure-thing yet, but I’m going to try to make it so. More details to follow.

I watched a fantastic hockey

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I watched a fantastic hockey game last night: The Phoenix Coyotes at home versus the Detroit Red Wings. Except for fighting, this game had everything. Excitement throughout, excellent goaltending, fast and furious scoring, and a loss by the Red Wings. That last is pretty important, as the Saint Louis Blues are neck and neck with Detroit for tops in their division and the conference but are now missing two of their most important players to injuries.

Beck Radio — All Beck,

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Beck Radio — All Beck, all the time, in streaming audio. Thanks to Bird on a Wire

James Lileks has done it

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James Lileks has done it again. The master of mixing witty commentary and captions with old photos now gives us The Dorcus Line of Menswear. What he did with technicolor dining in The Gallery of Regrettable Food and with opulent motels in The Gobbler: The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin, he’s now done with menswear. The Dorcus Line: another great exhibit at The Institute of Official Cheer.