RetroPsychoKinesis - use your brain

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RetroPsychoKinesis - use your brain to influence the past. This page includes on-line experiments and plenty of related links. Myself, I’m already working hard to fix that losing lottery ticket from last year.


  1. I was wondering where I would go on or off the internet, to get the information I would need to get smarter. I don’t mean knowledge as in school. I mean knowledge of the mind, and mind power. I’ve been trying to find links on the net for over three years now, and all I’ve found were dead ends.

    Comment by robert burger — 12/5/2003 @ 8:28 am

  2. I suffer with MS, and because of the medication-I find it affects my ability. When the medication isn’t affecting me, like now, the results are better. My mind is more clear. I also, find I get better results, if I focus all my energy on the experiment. The experiments fail, when my heart isn’t in it(as a result of the MS medication).
    When I was younger and I got angry-I use to focus my anger on an electrial analouge clock. My nan caught me doing it-she then told me that I had inherited a trait that runs in the female line of my family, on my mother’s side.
    Once while visiting my aunt-her hedgehog ornament kept lifting up and falling to the floor. My aunt had a go at me,and told me to stop it. With my aunt, there were two other witnesses.
    Therefore, I can do it-controlling it, is another matter entirely.

    Comment by rachel kleypas-sparrow — 8/3/2004 @ 3:24 am

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