More chicken strangeness. The BBC

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More chicken strangeness. The BBC is reporting on the death of a chicken that was insured for 1M after receiving death threats from neighbors. Apparantly, the chicken was accused of defacing a local war memorial, but the owner says the chicken was framed by a group of unruly ducks. It’s unclear if the owner will be able to collect the money, as the insurance reportedly covers the chicken only if it was killed and then eaten by a parish councillor. The local police are not investigating. I can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Thanks to APBNews, you can

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Thanks to APBNews, you can view the rap sheets for NFL players in the Super Bowl. Crime in the NFL is APB’s current focus.

I just received an email

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I just received an email from MP3.com. They are being sued by virtually every mainstream record label over their neat-o My.MP3.com service that lets you register the CDs you own on their servers and then listen to the music from any computer. Anyway, the subject line of the email read “MP3.Communicator: Defend Your CDs, Women…” I briefly thought that maybe the lawsuit had far more reaching effects than just music, but no. There’s also an article in there about “The Women of MP3.com”, and the subject line just got truncated.

RetroPsychoKinesis - use your brain

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RetroPsychoKinesis - use your brain to influence the past. This page includes on-line experiments and plenty of related links. Myself, I’m already working hard to fix that losing lottery ticket from last year.

This legal document, found folded

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This legal document, found folded up and packaged with a small toy, may well be the Rosetta stone for some future civilization. Learn how to say “Warning, read and keep: Toy not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed or inhaled.” in many languages. All of them, I think.