When you use your Peace

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When you use your Peace Fleece to make a wonderful sweater for yourself, you of course have to be careful of shrinkage. Wool shrinks when you get it wet and hot, and once shrunk, your garment’s ruined. Right? Jason Kottke, in his Jan 27th entry, expains how to recover your shrunken sweater.

Leonard Grossman (of Reflections of

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Leonard Grossman (of Reflections of a ModemJunkie) sent me an email alerting me to Kestrel’s Eye (NY Times, free registration required), a new Swedish documentary film showing a family of European Kestrels from their literal point of view. The film sounds beautiful, and is playing this week only in one theater in New York City. The odds of this film coming to Athens are slim-to-none, but I must see it somehow.

Usually, the BBC front page

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Usually, the BBC front page has some cute little Doctor Who game. Today, though, they had this gem:

Get trekkin'

Enter other worlds

Uncover the Next Generation, then get your Star Trek article online. But watch out for the Buffy monsters.

I’m amused by the mental picture of Troi advising Picard on how to fight the Buffy Monsters.

Peace Fleece is a yarn

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Peace Fleece is a yarn company dedicated to helping historic enemies cooperate and prosper through trade. They started during the cold war and have moved on to Israeli/Palestinian relations and the quagmire in Kosovo. Their goods are of very high quality. Anyone who does any sort of knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, etc. should be aware of these folks. Actually, everyone should be aware of these folks — they give us a model to emulate.

Last weekend, North Georgia was

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Last weekend, North Georgia was hit with the worst ice storm in recent memory. Several thousand people are still without power. This weekend, Atlanta hosts the Super Bowl, and coming to watch is a winter storm that is shaping up to be even worse.

Once again, I will be

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Once again, I will be using my powers as an ordained minister for the forces of good, this time by joining my college friends Jeff and Mellissa in wedded bliss in Key Largo this May. The other wedding I did (and the reason I got ordained) was for my college friends Shawn & Gypsy.