Astute Readers Kim and Jen

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Astute Readers Kim and Jen pointed me to The Poultry Site. There are so many things here I can’t begin to describe them all. If you’ve got the time, though, you can find out about every breed of poultry that exists, including all 6 gazillion types of chickens. For example, the Frizzles, the descriptive page of which shows a chicken bred to look like Sesame Street’s Big Bird. If you want to mix the sharp beak of a bird with the soft fur of a Persian cat, how about the Silkies? For you AOL’ers who got here by searching for pr0n, there’s a breed called Sex-Links. (I’m sure my daily traffic will triple once this entry gets indexed.) Of course, this site’s majesty is not limited to chickens… all the poultry are here. As well as a few sheep for good measure.

It’s about 20 degrees F

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It’s about 20 degrees F here, with a windchill of about -5. I think I need some more malt-o-meal.